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Collect all six sets of 13 goddesses each. From the Dark Goddess Tarot.

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Between the Worlds: Magicians, Priestesses, and Dreamers. October 2016.
Isis, Maeve, Face of the Deep, Hekate, Oya, Banshee, Circe, Lady of the Lake, Cerridwen, Arianrhod, Lethe, Pythia, Brigid.


Beyond the Pale: Warriors and Wildwomen. November 2016.
The Morrigan, Eris, Sekhmet, Laverna, Samovila, Tsonokwa, Artemis, Lilith, Baubo, Harionago, Scathach, Ishtar, Sheela na Gig.

Printed in Portland on soft, thick, 100% recycled stock, each card measures 5 x 8.5 inches. The image of the goddess with her name and motto provide a gateway for magic. The price is $30 plus shipping. Shipping outside the US is not insured.

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Beyond the Pale - Canada
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KALI Tarot Prayer Cards

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KALI is a goddess who has touched me deeply yet felt beyond my reach. So I created a deck of Major Arcana cards to manifest my own Fool's journey, my own path toward relationship with the great one. The Kali Tarot Prayer Cards are a work of devotion. It uses the Tarot as a framework for a spiritual quest to understand the Goddess of Time, of Worlds, and of Reality.

The images are inspired by the folk art of India and Tibet and by the words of 18th century Bengali poets. The prayers come from my heart.

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The 22 prayer cards measure 3" by 5". They are printed on satin card stock. An untitled drawing appears on one side of the card and the prayer is printed on the other. The only titles for the prayers are the corresponding Major Arcana card numbers (i.e. 0 for the Fool, XXI for the World). The title card for the deck is signed. The deck is packaged with a paper sleeve in an organza drawstring bag. The price is $25 plus shipping. Shipping outside the US is not insured.

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